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Our Core Advocacy Team
HRH Forchenmbin C.A

Advocate, Founder of Voiceless Advocacy. Based in USA.

David Simmons

Advocate, immigration issues. Based in Europe.

Steve Mills

Advocate, victims of conflicts. Based in Africa.

Janny Brown

Advocate, gender related issues. Based in Asia.

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Our Services
Advocacy Training

 We provide advocacy training to persons interested online and on site. It is a chance for you to learn how to make a difference where it matters.


We mentor victims of injustices, human rights abuses, immigration issues like deportations, victims of conflicts, disasters and internally displaced persons fleeing any form of danger.


We provide consulting for underprivileged minority communities and help them by listening to their complaints and facilitating communication between them and the authorities that have the power to solve their problems.

Events and motivational speaking

We organize events and activities that fit within our framework if the victims reach out to us or are our members. We also carry out campaigns to support any good cause that we consider to be part of the values we stand for.

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We partner with people and organizations that support our cause!
VOCAD Partnerships
HRH, Forchenmbin Charles, Founder/CEO of VOCAD and Mr. Aymen Tabir the new Director of TASSC Washington DC
The Founder/CEO of Voiceless Advocacy (VOCAD) plays a critical role with the staff in shaping the mission, vision, and goals of Voiceless Advocacy (VOCAD) and most importantly, working in synergy with other stakeholders from organizations. We all join our efforts to empower and uplift our respective organizations and the voiceless Indigenous Peoples that we both represent.
VOCAD Partners
VOCAD founder with very resourceful, experienced and inspiring personalities, M/s. Morgan Neibich-Gianni and M/s. Jennifer
The Policy and Advocacy team of VOCAD, has always been fearless and visionary in our approach to advocating for our members and fighting for equitable and liberatory policies. We want our people to thrive and exist in a community where human rights are respected, peaceful coexistence, making their voices heard, equal access to provisions of basic needs desired by our members for an easy livelihood free of persecution. It is our hope to use this medium to uphold common concerns, design and develop practical creative solutions that will help truly liberate our people.
VOCAD with human rights experts
Mr. Fakade Ancho with an influential expert on human rights issues who have worked relentlessly to protect the rights of torture survivors and giving them hope.
VOCAD is a transformative leadership-oriented organization. We fight for torture survivors, rape victims, persons persecuted religiously, stand for equality in social opportunities, making their voices heard in all governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, mainstream media platforms, human rights organizations and minority groups who have less representation in institutions where we expect their voices to be heard. VOCAD stands for these categories of people to be trained, prepared psychologically to take up leadership positions in those institutions which has the consciousness and responsibility to discuss the issues raised above. When the oppressed take up leadership roles, they can better tell the world where it hurts the most when their rights are trampled upon, they can easily and convincingly articulate their feelings and frustrations. It is injustice by those in power to draft policies and take decisions concerning the populace over issues they know little or less about while suffering masses are being relegated to the backyard.
Our Partners
Amnesty International
TASSC International
California Endowment
Winthrop University
George Mason University
George Washington University DC
The College of New Jersey
VA partner
VA partner
VA partner