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The mission of Voiceless Advocacy as the name implies, is basically an organization driven by a passionate conception in advocating, preserving, protecting and giving the necessary exposure to vital issues affecting the voiceless and less privileged in society. These rights are being trampled upon by the ruling class on daily bases, amongst them are human rights, destruction of cultural values, suppressing political opinion, an impediment to economic empowerment of minority indigenous in Africa and other regions in the world. Voiceless Advocacy aims at using its asserts of dedicated team members, tenacity, stakeholders of the organization in an ultimate task of making its advocacy have a multi-dimensional impact on minority indigenous communities. These underprivileged and voiceless communities who are quite often less represented and eclipsed by Western culture, biased political institutions, neglect and gross violations of their inalienable rights, lack of basic livelihood and a lot more. In accomplishing its mission, Voiceless Advocacy will seek to address crucial issues including but not limited to:

VOCAD is driven by a firm conviction to work with its stakeholders within the framework which tackles diverse issues of the voiceless vulnerable indigenous communities. Giving them the hope of a better future by giving them a voice.

VOCAD is driven by a firm conviction to work with its stakeholders within the framework which tackles diverse issues of the voiceless vulnerable indigenous communities. Giving them the hope of a better future by giving them a voice.

1. Summary execution, torture, imprisonment without trial, fight against genocide, arbitrary arrests and detention without trial, and ethnic cleansing.

2. Focus on basic human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of association.

3. To uphold the political rights of self-determination, self-governance, and the protection of cultural heritage of the vulnerable indigenous minority communities in Africa against cultural assimilation and other parts of the world.

4. Voiceless Advocacy, works to make an in-depth evaluation of the impact of its advocacy in the targeted communities at the Local, National International community for a positive change in a free and peaceful world.

5. The the organization shall work to ensure the promotion and attainment of basic and live sustaining necessities, good health facilities, food security, and economic empowerment of less privilege communities.

6. Good governance and democratic principles or representative government which has the interest of the common people at heart.

Voiceless Advocacy, seeks to be outstanding in its unquenchable commitment in advocating for the vulnerable and less privilege indigenous communities in all facets of social life.

This platform is purposely a mouth piece of the Voiceless, and it seeks in making the voice of the voiceless heard, loud and wide by world leaders, law makers, politicians, religious leaders, civil society and other stakeholders. The uniqueness of this platform is to break the chains and the walls which creates a disconnect between the Voiceless and underprivileged minority communities and the leaders, then advocate to establish a link of communication between the masses and the leadership, a society governed without pain and suffering, free of corruption, a fight against discrimination and racism.

Voiceless Advocacy embarks on raising their voice and making it heard in the corridors of those in authority and managing institutions where decisions are taken on the less privilege without an iota of how they feel. Voiceless Advocacy is embarked on carrying the issues affecting the voiceless indigenous minority community right on the table of decision makers; the legislative, judiciary and the executive (leadership).

Our Vision.

The vision of Voiceless Advocacy is to build a trustworthy medium where the voiceless indigenous minority can have their voices activated and listened to, by the those in authority enabling them take decisions which positively impact the less privilege masses and commit themselves to its full implementation. Voiceless Advocacy, seeks to advocate by reminding the world’s leadership on the resolutions taken to be transformed and concretized on the ground where indigenous minority are based, whose fit backs are corroborated in their livelihoods and has sustainability. We advocate for leadership to alleviate pain, suffering and rekindle the hopes of the asylum seekers, refugees and internally displaced persons from conflict zones. We at Voiceless Advocacy, work to escalate the inequalities emanating from conflicts as a result of sociopolitical persecution, economic exploitation, cultural assimilation, religious torture, human rights abuses, social injustices, bribery and corruption, discrimination, racial equality, protecting the children and orphans, women empowerment, rape and domestic violence. We advocate for a new world order free of social imbalances and prejudices, where peace, love and harmony will be the cheapest commodity enjoyable by the voiceless whose voices can be echoed and listened to, through this platform for communication flow between the voiceless and the stakeholders.

Let the voiceless regain their voices and let leadership listen to their voices!

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