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A Voice For The Voiceless...

Voiceless Advocacy Founder – HRH, Forchenmbin Charles A.

Meet the founder of Voiceless Advocacy

                  HRH, Forchenmbin Charles A. (M.A English) is the Founder of the organization. He is an experienced English/Literature teacher, whose passion to defend human rights through advocacy was conceived in the early 1990s during his University studies. He is a Traditional Tribal Chief from one of the clans in Lebialem-Southern Cameroons, this makes him an expert in understanding the issues of indigenous communities from an in-depth perspective. The University strikes at the time gave him ample reasons to work towards defending the rights of university students, the vulnerable and voiceless communities often neglected by leadership.

                 His advocacy intensified throughout his teaching career where he sensitized his students about their knowledge of basic human rights. The reason he faced multiple problems with the government, he was accused of teaching his students revolutionary ideas. He has passed through torture chambers and was later faced with threats of life; he fled the country to seek for protection from the United States government. A torture survivor who went through the physical and psychological torture, a path he has been advocating to prevent more people from fallen victim.

                He is a self-motivated and resourceful advocate who has used his communication skills; fluency an excellent articulation in delivering the message on human rights violations all over the world. As a highly devoted person who has gathered the courage, dedication and tenacity to defend the rights of minority Southern Cameroonians, discrimination, marginalization, to defend their educational system, legal system, their cultural and above all their rights to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

               His rich experience and the ability to deliver has earned many invitations as a guest speaker in many conferences, workshops, public rallies, interviews on issues of torture survivors, refugees, women empowerment, women raped emanating from conflicts occurring all over the world. The genocide in Southern Cameroons and other conflicts in Africa and the globe are his areas of concern.

              He has carried out diverse advocacy to the United Nations Head Quarters in New York, The US Department of State, the US Congress, the frontage of the White House, Catholic university of America, George Washington University DC, George Mason University VA, Winthrop University SC and College of New Jersey. Non-governmental organizations have also been extending their hand of collaboration and partnership, in a measure to take advocacy to the international circles.

              He is a writer and publisher of poems, books and articles on a variety of burning issues and conscientization of the African society. HRH, Forchenmbin Charles has done diverse advocacy touching on injustices, affecting the indigenous people which includes summary executions, torture, arbitrary arrests and detention without trial, discrimination and marginalization of minority groups. Through this organization, done advocacy for the right life for all, access to the highest attainable standards of health, freedom of press and expression, fight against female genital mutilation, children’s rights, refugees and internally displaced persons caused by conflicts and natural catastrophes.

               As a passionate advocate for the voiceless, he propagates for a more harmonious and integrated society for indigenous communities full of rich cultural revival, economic empowerment and growth, a remarkable increase for the standard of living of the indigenous vulnerable communities in Africa. He has always believed the task of advocacy should be internationalized effectively through networking and partnerships to better create the consciousness and the essence of political, economic and cultural survival.