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Imperialist Oppressor Queen Elizabeth II of England passes on at 96.
The passing on of imperialist Oppressor Queen Elizabeth II of the British Monarchy at the age of 96, sparked up mixed reactions around the globe.

The passing on of imperialist Oppressor Queen Elizabeth II of the British Monarchy at the age of 96, sparked up mixed reactions around the globe. She has been the Queen and Head of State for 70 years, British people will lavish praises for her as a Lady who achieved British foreign policy of conquer, colonization, suppression and economic exploitation of conquered territories to develop their economy.

The people of Southern Cameroons look at Queen Elizabeth II, as an imperialist oppressor/leader who for 70 years implemented imperialism pacts, supervised the massacre of citizens of conquered territories, inflected pain and supervised constant terror, targeted killings and the genocide in Southern Cameroonians till her death.

The cost and value of Buckingham palace, her coach where she rides, her jewelries are worth thousands of billions of British pounds, thanks to the wealth stolen from the excessive exploitation of African mineral wealth and other natural resources. The imperialist Queen Elizabeth II, sucked her colonies dry and intentionally destroyed and retarded their economies from taking off by tapping from their resources for the development of an imperialist nation.

The lavishly and exorbitantly rich golden coach where imperialist oppressor Queen Elizabeth II rode for 70 years of her reign, including the cost of the Buckingham palace among others, can industrialize and transform Africa to an economic Super Continent within a short time. British colonies around the world will hardly forget the persecution and British inhumane treatment under the watchful eyes of the wicked imperialist Queen who decided to stay muted and encouraged France to carry on a second genocide after Rwanda from April 7 1994 to July 17 1994. The injustice and tyranny that imperialist Queen Elizabeth II inflected with a high handed approach to conquer territories around the globe, will haunt her and she will equally be received wherever her final destination is, with same horror, subjugation, injustice, inhumane treatment and the bloodshed she spilled over in Africa.

Imperialist Queen Elizabeth II B

The Southern Cameroons Plebiscite of 1961 gave them two options; either to join East (French) Cameroon or Nigeria. The Southern Cameroonians clamored for the third option, to vote for outright independence. The imperialist Queen Elizabeth refused the option and preferred to offer Southern Cameroons as a gift to France. The imperialist Lady approved reports from colonial officers giving reasons why Great Britain cannot approve the Independence of southern Cameroons. The flimsy reason being that, Southern Cameroons was not economically viable to sustain herself as a country. Furthermore imperialist Queen Elizabeth II, through her monarchy raised concerns that if Southern Cameroons were to be granted independence, they will be an economic burden or solely dependent on Britain for economic survival. The reverse exist today, Southern Cameroons is so wealthy and her mineral and natural resources is the economic life wire of French Cameroun economy. In 2019, while the Southern Cameroons were fighting to resist the occupation of their territory and genocide by French Cameroun while asking Britain and the United Nations to complete the decolonization process, the imperialist oppressor Queen Elizabeth II, still signed an oil deal through the British oil company New Age UK Limited and the genocidal regime in Yaounde. The deal was to drill petroleum offshore and onshore in the Southern Cameroons territorial waters. This was signed despite the flow of the blood of the oppressed Southern Cameroonians.

Memory lane, the Berlin conference of 1884 set aside principles of imperialism, which led a solid foundation for Europe to colonize Africa, which is also historically known as “The scramble for Africa” between 1884 - 1885. The beginning of Africa’s predicament. Western leaders mourning the death of their counterpart imperialist oppressor Queen Elizabeth II, is in appreciation of a leader who upheld to the strict implementation of principles and policies guiding the conquering, partitioning, subjugating and the impoverishment of Africa at the advantage of their advanced economies.

The English Monarchy under the imperialist Lady, has caused humanitarian catastrophy in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, India to name a few. British crimes committed in Africa will forever remain unpardonable even infront of the merciful Almighty God. Even frank confessions of crimes to the Arch Bishop of Canterbury by all British colonial officials like Thomas Babington Macaulay Secretary at war from 1839-1841, Field Marshal Herbert Kitchener (task master) 1850-1918, Charles Cornwallis 1738-1805, former British prime ministers including Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher would have given the Arch Bishop of Canterbury nightmares if at all they confessed.

British cabinet ministers and members of a the House of Commons and House of Lords have often put forth heated debates about British colonial past and the Monarchy’s unwillingness to yield to demands of self determination from formal colonies due to a failure in British foreign policy on decolonization especially in Africa.

Today, the imperial command baton has changed hands to King Charles III, who has been well groomed by the Royalty and Monarchy to keep, protect and implement British inhumane and horrific colonial policies around the globe especially in British conquered colonies in wailing Africa. Are there any positive expectations from the new imperialist leader, King Charles III? Can he break the myth of colonial pact and alliances with other western nations to permanently subjugate British colonies to a sharp turn from the statusquo by loosening the colonial york, bondage and grip over suffocating British colonies in the world. The Southern Cameroons is a perfect example of a people who have been pushing so hard the difficult pill of self determination through the throat of the United Nations and the western world. Can King Charles III break the secret colonial pact with France over Southern Cameroons and resolve the problem they created paving the way to the granting of Southern Cameroons the inalienable rights of self determination? Let’s keep our fingers crossed by watching and tasting old wine in a new bottle.

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