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A Voice For The Voiceless...

Rape Victim Edith B.C.’s story
"I was gang raped and held there for five days and later transported to Buea Central Prison. When l got there, l pleaded with them to take me to the hospital but they refused."

The Story of Miss Edith B.C. - Rape Victim, May 22nd 2018.

           I met a friend one year ago, who lamented because he was denied his case at the immigration court in Texas-USA, what came to my mind was that she lacked the proper organization and counselling to assist her in her case. She confirmed it to me because only few individuals helped her who were not experience on how immigration or asylum processes worked in the United States. When I mentioned to her that I used Voiceless Advocacy (VOCAD) a Humanitarian Organization which assisted asylum seekers in preparing their cases, linking them to health and social services, making asylum seekers have new hope in a new country. I told her that the organization contributed 85% towards wining my asylum case 2019. She has also talked to other asylum seekers not to make the mistake she made, by advising them to use the organization Voiceless Advocacy (VOCAD).

           Our team of lawyers advised us to go into hiding, I ran to my uncle’s farm house in a plantation at a village called Bota to take refuge. Every day In Muea, Buea, Tiko, Ekona and Mutengene youths were massacred and buried in mass graves. In other towns like, Muyuka and Tiko on a daily basis and the Governor of the Southwest Region Benard Okalia Bilia called the Southern Cameroonians dogs and goats on National Radio and TV. As provocative as it was, it angered and radicalized many Southern Cameroonians of all ages to join the movement in the boycott of the 20th May 2018, during the movement, youths were being killed like insects by the Military and were proud to even take Videos of their senseless and inhuman massacre, maiming and horrible treatment of Anglophones on camera. On May 22nd 2018 military officers well-armed visited our home at about 9pm in the evening and kidnapped me they showed my picture in an album full of several other pictures, they tied my eyes and took me to a room I couldn’t even identify the location. I was gang raped and held there for five days and later transported to Buea Central Prison. When l got there, l pleaded with them to take me to the hospital but they refused. At the isolated location, they raped me countless times being the second raped incident by the military. As if it wasn’t enough, they still detained me for two months from May 22nd to July 23rd 2018 after my Lawyer used all legal arguments and evidence for me to be released but it proved unsuccessful.

           My lawyer designed a plan with the help of one of the prison waders, i was able to disguise as a security person and l disappeared directly to the Mount Mary Hospital which is just behind the central Prison. I was hospitalized and the Doctor who understood my case covered me with bedspread l was in a special ward. While on my hospital bed, calls from home indicated that security men had gone and scattered our house looking for me and my mother luckily she escape with my kids into hiding in a rubber plantation overnight. Immediately, I heard of the information, I decided to escape into a remote area where I lived till I found an opportunity to escape abroad in the United States of America.

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