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A Voice For The Voiceless...

Rape Victim Mary A.’s story
"They got me well beaten and three of them tore the dresses I was wearing and one of them raped me repeatedly in the presence of my children."

The Story of Mary A. - Rape Victim, Nov. 28th 2016

            My asylum case was fully prepared by a great Humanitarian Organization with all the support system needed by asylum seekers. Voiceless Advocacy (VOCAD) is a US based Humanitarian Organization with Headquarters in Maryland. Their activities assist asylum seekers in the United States and beyond. I received the technical expertise needed to follow up with my case including; seeking legal representation, counselling, helping them get the social services, how to get the right therapist and psychologists other health assistance which our clients may need. Though I went though very difficult moments, Voiceless Advocacy (VOCAD) rekindled hopes in me, wrote an affidavit to support my cases. My asylum was finally granted in 2018 and I owe the organization much thanks, as today I have reunited with my family (wife and children) from Cameroon.

            On the night of that 28th November 2016 in Buea town, security men, well-armed went to students’ residential area and arrested some of the students and took them to a police detention in Buea town. I was unfortunate to be among the hundreds of students who were attested, as I escaped from police brutality from the campus to meet my children that I left them home in the student’s residential area. Within a space of about ten minutes, I heard a violent knock at the door followed by a destruction of the door. Three gendarme officers entered my room, their entrance and brutality forced my children to start crying, as I went down on my kneels to plead, they got me well beaten and three of them tore the dresses I was wearing and one of them raped me repeatedly in the presence of my children who were all crying at the top of their voices. My attempt to resist could not overcome three of them. After the devilish act, they searched my room and found tracks and flyers talking of the students’ strike and my membership card of the SCNC. They arrested me and transported me in their truck with other students whom they picked up to the police station in Buea. While where, I was detained at the Buea judicial police station for two weeks from 28th of November 2016 to the 11th December 2016, where l was badly tortured, denied food within the first three days, they refused to provide me with sanitary pad. I was only released after Southern Cameroons Bar Association mobilized in synergy with Human Rights Activists to fight for the release of students from Buea University from detention. I was hospitalized at The Mount Mary Hospital from the 11th of December to the 17th of December 2016. They also accused me as well as other students arrested as members and sympathizers of Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC). The government believed that the outlawed separatist organization SCNC was sponsoring the students’ strike in the University of Buea at the time.

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