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A Voice For The Voiceless...

Our Services at Voiceless Advocacy

Our Services

Voiceless Advocacy has a well-organized support system piloted by a highly motivated put in place to accomplish its objectives, that of impacting the lives of the voiceless vulnerable indigenous in Africa and other parts of the world.

Advocacy Activities

The Advocacy and Outreach Department, is responsible in creating the connection between the organization and the Voiceless people in the Africa and the world. They identify them, dialogue with them to diagnose their concerns and document it. They submit their reports to the appropriate department for proper examination and further action to be taken.

Humanitarian Package

The organization through its humanitarian package gives support to the needy including but not limited to; victims of violent conflicts like wars, internally displaced people (IDPs) emanating from religious persecution, political conflicts, providing shelter, orphans, women suffering from domestic violence including rape, victims of disaster medical support and food supplies.

A Support System to Tortured Survivors

To offer support and logistics to torture survivors, enable them obtain the basic needs for their reintegration into their new society, counseling and therapy for trauma, legal counseling for immigration matters and helping the undocumented immigrants for employment.

Empowering Voiceless Vulnerable Communities

Preparing the voiceless Vulnerable ingenious communities, to take up leadership positions in the Socio-political and economic structures in their respective communities. The best participatory approach to involve them in decision making as one of the most effective ways to involve the voiceless and less privilege in solving their own problems.

Capacity Building Events

To organize capacity and confidence building events, to enable immigrants in the United States, rekindle their hopes in the new society, giving each immigrant their opportunity to tell their story of torture as a means of releasing stress and their progressive recovery from it.

Giving Advocacy a Wider Spectrum

On the advocacy front, Voiceless Advocacy, embarks on a sequence of advocacy in selected areas of importance regarding decision making, these areas include the U.S. Department of State, the United States Congress, frontage of the White House, the United Nations Head Quarters in New York, Embassies around the globe, the European Union, African Union, CEMAC, ECOWAS, The Common Wealth of Nations. The main stream media like CNN, BBC, AL Jazira, TV5, RFI and a lot more.

Organizing Gender Activities

We advocate for gender issues, especially on gender equality, economic empowerment of women, encouraging women to take leadership positions in their different communities. The organization advocates against domestic violence especially affecting the women and several other gender related issues.

Organizing Workshops

Voiceless Advocacy, is a reliable medium where the voiceless vulnerable indigenous people are given the opportunity to express the worries which affect their daily living, we brainstorm ideas and their expectations and we keep the world informed of their predicaments for lasting solutions.

Fighting Deportation

The organization has carried out advocacy in Congress, in the U.S Department of State, Infront of the White House and Washington Press Club calling on the United States to grant a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for African countries in conflict. This status protects citizens of many African countries in conflict to have their citizens to be given the opportunity to seek for asylum in the United States. This gives them the legally protected status from deportation back to their home country in conflict.

A Focus on Disabilities

We care about people who have disability of all forms in Africa and around the globe. Our advocacy makes them understand that their state is not an excuse for them to be neglected, abandoned, and discriminated upon. They need jobs, their political opinion counts, needs economic empowerment, good health and social services, people are expected to show them love and sympathy.

Advocacy Training

We provide advocacy training to persons interested in the profession, onsite and online. We train people to join millions of advocates around the globe, to carry out the task of defending the voiceless for their basic rights which are constantly trampled upon.


Voiceless Advocacy, is built up with a highly professional team of consultants to serve the public both online and on site on issues related to advocacy as mentioned in the mission statement of the organization. Our prospective members are free to contact us for any matters and they will be satisfied with the quality of our services.

Events and Motivational Speakers

An engagement in advocacy, implies having an excellent team of highly motivated speakers with the talents to deliver the message which creates an indelible impact in the public and specifically stakeholders who have the means to turn things around in favor of the indigenous vulnerable communities in the world.

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