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Statement Regarding The UK’s Partnership With Rwanda To Relocate Asylum Seekers To Rwanda
Same allies, on same Thursday, opposing immigration policies.


Same allies, on same Thursday, opposing immigration policies

Voiceless Advocacy (VOCAD) has been so concerned over the United Kingdom’s controversial immigration measure to return asylum seekers to the emerging East African country of Rwanda. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, our sources quoted him as saying on Thursday, it was aimed at breaking people smuggling network of immigrants into the UK. The PM also said as;

“We must ensure that the only route to asylum in the UK is a safe and legal one.” The measure affects those who arrived UK since January 2022. The partnership agreement was signed on Thursday April 14 2022 between Priti Patel the UK Home Secretary and Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta. Both parties believe was to help migrants from being engaged in a perilous adventure.

They have been mixed reactions from diverse stakeholders in the UK, speaking to our correspondent in UK Clarise Scarlette, a member of the Labour party Yvette Cooper said the decision was, “..unworkable and unethical.” Rwanda has in records to have been safe heavens to about 132.000 refugees from Afghanistan, Libya and Burundi, the country has promised to provide the refugees/asylum seekers with all logistics which guarantees hospitality. The head of refugee advocacy group Enver Solomon, told Voiceless Advocacy, that it a gross violation of asylum principles, where asylum seekers are deprived of a fair hearing on British soil. Voiceless Advocacy is raising concerns of eminent human rights violation for asylum seekers deported to the recipient country.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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